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Seagal nearly destroys Alaska in an effort to save it in this inane, preachy story of an oil-rig roughneck out to protect the landscape from an evil oil company's drilling habits. Directorial debut for Seagal lumbers from scene to scene. Violence is expected, as is silly dialogue--just try to keep from laughing when stoneyfaced Steven intones "What does it take to change the essence of man?" A better script, for one.

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Available on Running time 102 minutes.

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Eco-Vengeance!, Alaska, Black Gold, Pure Ego Vehicles, Eskimos/Inuit, Woofs!
Ed Horowitz
Steven Seagal, Michael Caine, Joan Chen, John C. McGinley, Billy Bob Thornton, R. Lee Ermey
Ric Waite
Steven Seagal
Basil Poledouris
A. Kitman Ho, Steven Seagal, Julius R. Nasso, Robert Watts, Jeffrey Robinov, Warner Bros.


Golden Raspberries 1994: Worst Director (Seagal).

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On Deadly Ground
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

Steven Seagal directed the film On Deadly Ground starring Steven Seagal (as Forrest Taft), Michael Caine (as Michael Jennings) and Joan Chen (as Masu). On Deadly Ground came out in 1994, has a total running time of 102 minutes and is available to purchase on VHS and DVD. Forrest Taft works for Aegis Oil Company in Alaska. Michael Jennings is the CEO of the company. He’s corrupt and doesn’t care about the environment like Forrest Taft does. Michael Jennings only cares about making money and nothing else but he makes himself look like he cares about the environment to the public through commercials and such. Meanwhile, Michael is working on building a new oilrig named AEGIS-1 but the product is defective. Michael puts a hit on Forrest’s friend Hugh Palmer because he has a disk with information on the defective equipment. Forrest decided to stop things, which doesn’t make Michael too happy.