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Three yuppies bring different visions of romance and a case of mistaken identity to a time-share apartment in New York's Greenwich Village. Sam (Broderick) needs a quiet space to get over being dumped by a flaky performance artist (Tripplehorn). Ellen (Sciorra) is looking for space to paint away from the confines of her thick-headed spouse (Mantell). Brian, the organizer of the living arrangement, wants a space where he can be one of the boys and escape from his cloying fiancee (Bateman). Fairly predictable but enjoyable romantic comedy.

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Available on Running time 98 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Romantic Comedy, Mistaken Identity, Roommates from Hell, New York, New York
Warren Leight
Paul Guilfoyle, Matthew Broderick, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Kevin Anderson, Justine Bateman, Annabella Sciorra, Christine Baranski, Doris Roberts, Dominic Chianese, Michael Mantell, Tim Guinee, Greg Germann, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Louise Lasser, Billy Campbell, Ranjit (Chaudry) Chowdhry, Garry Shandling, Katharine Houghton, Brooke Smith
Warren Leight
Evan Lurie
Michael Peyser, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Sidney Kimmel, Miramax

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