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AIDS goes Hollywood as hot-shot corporate attorney Andrew Beckett (Hanks), fired because he has the disease, hires brilliant but homophobic personal injury attorney Washington as his counsel when he sues for discrimination. Boxoffice winner was criticized by some gay activists as too mainstream, which is the point. It doesn't probe deeply into the gay lifestyle, focusing instead on justice and compassion. Boasts a good script, make-up that transforms Hanks, sure direction, great soundtrack, and a strong supporting cast, but all would mean little without Hanks' superb performance, his best to date.

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Cast and Crew

Law & Lawyers, AIDS, Gays, Order in the Court, Family Ties, Disease of the Week, Philadelphia
Ron Nyswaner
Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Antonio Banderas, Jason Robards, Joanne Woodward, Mary Steenburgen, Ron Vawter, Robert Ridgely, Obba Babatunde, Robert Castle, Daniel Chapman, Roger Corman, John Bedford Lloyd, Roberta Maxwell, Warren Miller, Anna Deavere Smith, Kathryn Witt, Andre B. Blake, Ann Dowd, Bradley Whitford, Chandra Wilson, Charles Glenn, Peter Jacobs, Kathryn Witt, Dan Olmstead, Joey Perillo, Lauren Roselli, Bill Rowe, Lisa Talerico, Daniel von Bargen, Tracey Walter
Tak Fujimoto
Jonathan Demme
Howard Shore
Karen Finley, David Drake, Quentin Crisp
Jonathan Demme, Edward Saxon, Gary Goetzman, Kenneth Utt, Ron Bozman, Clinica Estetico, Tri-Star Pictures


Oscars 1993: Actor (Hanks), Song ("Streets of Philadelphia"); Berlin Intl. Film Fest. 1994: Actor (Hanks); Golden Globes 1994: Actor--Drama (Hanks), Song ("Streets of Philadelphia"); MTV Movie Awards 1994: Male Perf. (Hanks); Blockbuster 1995: Drama Actor, V. (Hanks).

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This is an interesting movie because it is not often that AIDs is a movie topic. Andrew Beckett, a gay lawyer infected with AIDS, is fired from his conservative law firm in fear that they might contract AIDS from him. After Andrew is fired, in a last attempt for peace, he sues his former law firm with the help of a homophobic lawyer, Joe Miller. During the court battle, Miller sees that Beckett is no different than anyone else, he sheds his homophobia and helps Beckett with his case before AIDs becomes a bigger problem in Andrew's life.