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Gibson plays a badly scarred recluse in Maine who develops a mentor relationship with a lonely, fatherless boy. Chuck (Stahl) wants to go away to military school, but flunks the extrance exam, and enlists former teacher McLeod as a tutor. First foray for Gibson into the director's chair tends to be overly melodramatic. Adapted from a novel by Isabelle Holland.

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Available on Running time 115 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Physical Problems, Special FX Extravaganzas: Make-Up, Coming of Age
Malcolm MacRury
Mel Gibson, Nick Stahl, Margaret Whitton, Fay Masterson, Richard Masur, Gaby Hoffman, Geoffrey Lewis, Jack DeMave
Mel Gibson
James Horner
Bruce Davey, Steve McVeety, Icon Productions, Warner Bros.

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