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Embarassingly dumb flick about a teenage boy who wants to take the prettiest girl in the school to the prom. The only problem is that he's become a zombie. Bits of him keep falling off (his girl thoughtfully glues them back on) and if he wants to stay "alive" long enough to get to the dance he has to munch on human flesh. Yuck.

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Available on Running time 85 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Horror Comedy, Zombies, Teen Angst, Adapted from a Song
Dean Lorey
Andrew Lowery, Traci Lind, Edward Herrmann, Mary Beth Hurt, Danny Zorn, Austin Pendleton, Jay O. Sanders, Paul Dooley, Bob (Robert) Dishy, Cloris Leachman, Matthew Fox, Paxton Whitehead
Mac Ahlberg
Bob Balaban
Sean S. Cunningham, Touchstone Pictures, Buena Vista

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My Boyfriend's Back
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

My Boyfriend’s Back is a comedy made after a song. The movie came out in 1993, with a run time of 85 minutes. Johnny (Andrew Lowery) has been in love with a beautiful girl named Missy McCloud (Traci Lind) for years, but he’s been too afraid to tell her. One day trying to win her over he gets killed. Johnny doesn’t want to be dead, so he comes back to life. After he comes back from the dead, Johnny finally wins Missy’s heart. The two have plans to go to prom together. There’s just one problem. Since Johnny’s not alive anymore, he’s starting to deteriorate. In order to survive he’ll have to feed on human flesh! Will he be able to survive through the dance?