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High-gloss movie that had couples everywhere discussing the big question: Would you let your wife sleep with a billionaire in exchange for a million bucks? Probably, if all were as goodlooking as the weathered, yet ever gorgeous Redford. Moore and Harrelson are the financially down on their luck, but happy, couple who venture to Vegas on a last-ditch gambling effort. Surreally slick direction from Lyne, but an ultimately empty film that explores the values of marriage in a terribly angst-ridden fashion. Based on the novel by Jack Engelhard. Proof that average movies can make a killing at the boxoffice, landing in sixth place for 1993.

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Romantic Drama, Marriage, Gambling, Sex & Sexuality, Viva Las Vegas!, Top Grossing Films of 1993, Romantic Triangles, Architects & Architecture
Amy Holden Jones
Robert Redford, Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, Seymour Cassel, Oliver Platt, Billy Bob Thornton, Rip Taylor, Billy Connolly, Joel Brooks, Sheena Easton, Herbie Hancock
Howard Atherton
Adrian Lyne
John Barry
Sherry Lansing, Paramount Pictures, Paramount Pictures


MTV Movie Awards 1994: Kiss (Demi Moore/Woody Harrelson); Golden Raspberries 1993: Worst Picture, Worst Support. Actor (Harrelson), Worst Screenplay.

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Indecent Proposal
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

This situation is crazy, and I would never do this! David and Diana Murphy are a young and very much in love. They are married and have started their respective careers, she as a real estate broker, he as an architect. Diana finds the perfect spot to build David's dream house, and they get loans to finance it. When the recession hits, they stand to lose everything they own, so they go to Vegas to have one shot at winning the money they need. After losing at the tables, they are approached by a millionaire, John Gage, who offers them a million dollars for a night with Diana. They agree that this is a way out of their financial dilemma, but their relationship could be destroyed in the end.