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Excellent adaptation of the Charlotte Bronte novel about the plain governess with the noble heart and her love for the mysterious and tragic Mr. Rochester. Fontaine has the proper backbone and yearning in the title role but to accommodate Welles' emerging popularity the role of Rochester was enlarged. Excellent bleak romantic-Gothic look. Taylor, in her third film role, is seen briefly in the early orphanage scenes.

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Available on Running time 97 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Romantic Drama, Period Piece: 19th Century, Adoption & Orphans, Nannies & Governesses, Books to Film: The Brontes
John Houseman, Aldous Huxley, Robert Stevenson
Joan Fontaine, Orson Welles, Margaret O'Brien, Peggy Ann Garner, John Sutton, Sara Allgood, Henry Daniell, Agnes Moorehead, Aubrey Mather, Edith Barrett, Barbara Everest, Hillary Brooke, Elizabeth Taylor
George Barnes
Robert Stevenson
Bernard Herrmann
William Goetz, 20th Century-Fox

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