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Examines the radioactive waste spill from the United Nuclear Corporation in 1979. 94 million gallons of uranium-contaminated water spilled into the Rio Puerco in New Mexico after the UNC storage dam broke. While animals died and Navajo Indians became ill, the American media paid little attention.

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Available on Running time 45 minutes.

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Ecology & Environment, Waste Products, Nuclear Energy
Joseph Campanella
Colleen Keane

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The River That Harms
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 3.0 4.0

This is the biggest radioactive spill in the country that nobody ever heard of. And maybe that's because it only affected Indians. It's a sad commentary on society. People sometimes say things like, "why can't Indians get over the past and move on? I mean, what do they want?" Well... it's true. Indians can get over Wounded Knee and General Custer and the Trail of Tears and all that, but it's hard to forget when your children are being born with birth defects, and you can drink your water, can't sell your animals... This is happening today, and white society is still ignoring the needs of the people.