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Lovely story of an opera star (MacDonald) and penniless singer (Eddy) who fall in love in Paris, but her husband/teacher (Barrymore) interferes. One of the best films the singing duo ever made.

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Available on Running time 132 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Musicals, Adapted from a Musical, MGM Musicals, Screen Teams: Eddy & McDonald
Noel Langley
Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, John Barrymore, Herman Bing, Tom Brown, Lynne Carver
Robert Z. Leonard
MGM, Hunt Stromberg

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Maytime came out in 1937 and has a total running time of 132 minutes. Jeanette MacDonald (as Marcia Mornay), Nelson Eddy (as Paul Allison) and John Barrymore (as Nicolai Nazaroff) star in this romantic musical. Marcia Morney is an opera singer. She falls in love with an ordinary singer, Paul Allison. She’s engages to Nicolai Nazaroff so she breaks it off with Paul. Years later Marcia and Paul star in an opera together and Nicolai gets very jealous.