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Underground cartoonist Jack Deebs enters his own adult cartoon "Cool World," lured by his sex-kitten character "Holli Would," who needs him to leave her animated world and become human. Holli's plan is opposed by the only other human to occupy Cool World, a slick detective whose main job is to prevent noids (humans) and doodles (cartoons) from having sex and destroying the balance between the two existences. A mixture of live-action and wild animation. Director Bakshi's creations are not intended for children but this is less explicit than usual, which may be one of the problems. Little humor and a flat script leave this film too uninvolving.

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Available on Running time 101 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Animation & Cartoons, Adapted from a Cartoon, Sex & Sexuality, Live Action/Animation Combos, Parallel Universe, Viva Las Vegas!
Michael Grais, Mark Victor
Gabriel Byrne, Kim Basinger, Brad Pitt, Michele Abrams, Deirdre O'Connell, Carrie Hamilton, Frank Sinatra, Michael Lally, William Frankfather
John A. Alonzo
Ralph Bakshi
Mark Isham
Paramount Pictures

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Cool World
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 1.0 4.0

Cool World came out in 1992 and has a running time of 101 minutes. Kim Basinger (as Holli Would), Gabriel Gyrne (as Jack Deebs) and Brad Pitt (as Detective Frank Harris). Jack Deebs is a cartoonist. He wrote a comic book called Cool World. In Cool World, there are “doodles” which are cartoon character and there are “noids” which are humanoids. Well, Cool World is actually real and there’s a machine that connects Cool World to our world! A cartoon named Holli Would wants to become a human and a real life character. Will she be able to become human?