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Bill Moyers examines the formation of public opinion in this four-part series. The focus is on the use of images in the mass media.

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Bill Moyers
Alvin H. Perlmutter, Public Affairs Television

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Bill Moyers: The Public Mind
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

This four part series looks at all aspects of our media, from journalism to advertising to politics, it exposes the underlying structures and values that distort and control how the world is depicted in our media environment. This was the best program Moyers has ever done, IMHO, and I realize this is drawn from a long list of achievement. It is perhaps the most crucial, because it examines the distorting lens through which we observe everything else going on in our world. Some of the most notable media critics can be found here, including the late Neil Postman, Mark Crispin Miller, and others. The four, one-hour programs are: "Consuming Images", "Leading Questions", "Illusions of News", and "The Truth About Lies". Through this program Moyers turned me on to Neil Postman, who is a heck of an awesome thinker and social critic. I cannot recommend this series of programs highly enough.