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Three unscrupulous yuppies, Congressman Teri Upstart, Col. Ollie West and Rev. Timmy Fakker, keep beautiful mistresses in their Malibu beach house. What they don't know is, the girls are all really vampires who have injected them with a serum that compels them to tell the truth! Will our "heroes" continue to dupe the American Public, or will the sexy blood suckers cause their downfall?

Available on Running time 90 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Vampire Spoof, Yuppie Nightmares, Femme Fatale, Revealing Swimwear
Angelyne, Becky LeBeau, Joan Rudelstein, Marcus A. Frishman, Rod Sweitzer, Francis Creighton, Anet Anatelle, Yvette Buchanan, Cherie Romaors, Kelly Galindo
Francis Creighton
Peacock Films

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