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Costner is the politically correct Rebel with a Cause, but a thinker, not a doer--and therein lies the problem. His quiet thoughtfulness doesn't add up to leadership and Rickman easily overpowers him as the wicked, crazed Sheriff of Nottingham. Freeman is excellent as a civilized Moor who finds England, and its people, inhospitable, dangerous, and not a little stupid. Mastrantonio, a last minute choice, excels as the lovely Lady Marian. Great action sequences, a gritty and morbid picture of the Middle Ages, and some fun scenes with the Merry Men. Revisionist in its ideas about the times and people, critics generally disapproved of the changes in the story and Costner's performance, though their comments about his lack of an English accent seem nitpicky in light of some basic plot problems. Still has lots of fun for lovers of action, romance and fairy tales.

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Adventure Drama, Rebel With a Cause, Trees & Forests, Top Grossing Films of 1991, Anti-Heroes, Medieval Romps, Romantic Triangles, Otherwise Engaged, Robin Hood, Pregnant Pauses
Pen Densham, John Watson
Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Christian Slater, Alan Rickman, Geraldine McEwan, Michael McShane, Brian Blessed, Michael Wincott, Nick Brimble, Harold Innocent, Jack Wild
Billy Milton
Kevin Reynolds
Michael Kamen
Sean Connery
Pen Densham, John Watson, Morgan Creek Productions


British Acad. 1991: Support. Actor (Rickman); MTV Movie Awards 1992: Song ("(Everything I Do) I Do for You"); Golden Raspberries 1991: Worst Actor (Costner).

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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 3.0 4.0

Turks captured Robin during the Crusades but eventually escapes. Meanwhile, His father is murdered and Robin is determined to get revenge! Then along with pal Azeem head into the Forest of Sherwood where they both joins a group of exiled villagers. Robin soon becomes the leader of the group and their mission is to bring peace to the villages. Robin’s enemy is the Sheriff of Nottingham because he is evil and murdered Robin’s father. Robin hopes to put an end to all the corruption due to the Sheriff and his henchmen.