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Classic Disney animated fairytale about the slighted beauty who outshines her evil stepsisters at a royal ball, then returns to her grim existence before the handsome prince finds her again. Engaging film, with a wicked stepmother, kindly fairy godmother, and singing mice.

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Available on Running time 76 minutes.

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Animated Musicals, Adapted from a Fairy Tale, Cinderella Stories, Disney Animated Movies, Top Grossing Films of 1950, Stepparents
Wilfred Jackson
Ilene Woods, William Phipps, Verna Felton, James MacDonald
Walt Disney Studios


Venice Film Fest. 1950: Special Jury Prize.

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I would love to have a fairy god mother that could turn pumpkins into carriages and turn old dresses into beautiful ball gowns. This movie is about Cinderella. She lives with her evil step mother and her stepsisters. They don't like Cinderella and make her clean everything! The Prince sends out an invitation to all the ladies of the town to his ball. He is looking for someone to be his Princess. Cinderella's stepsisters tore up her dress making it impossible for her to go to the ball. That all changes when her fairy godmother comes. She magically makes her torn dress into a beautiful gown. Cinderella gets her wish and goes to the ball.

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I love all Disney movies. Cinderella has to be one of my favorite Disney movies. Cinderella is a young girl who lives with her stepmother and her two evil stepsisters. All three are so mean to Cinderella. They make her clean, cook, and everything else. They are so mean to her that they even ruin her beautiful dress she was going to wear to the royal ball. Her fairy godmother comes to her and turns her dress into beautiful, fancy gown and even turns a pumpkin into a carriage and turns mice into horses. She meets the prince but has to hurry home at midnight. The Prince and her reunite and they live happily ever after.

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Disney’s classic, Cinderella, was released in 1950, with a run time of 74 minutes. Young Cinderella lived a happy life with her mother and father. Unfortunately, her father remarries after her mother dies. He marries a mean, cold woman who has two daughters. Sadly, Cinderella is soon left to live with her evil stepmother and her two evil stepsisters after her father dies. Now Cinderella is turned into a slave in her own home. In a castle near by, the King decides it’s time for his son, the Prince, to find a wife. Doing so, they invite all the eligible ladies to the kingdom for a ball to meet the Prince. The mice and birds help Cinderella make a dress for the ball, but on the evening of the ball the evil stepsisters tear the dress up. Soon, the Fairy Godmother comes in and turns a pumpkin into a carriage and makes her a beautiful dress. She goes to the ball and falls for the Prince. She had to be home by the stroke of midnight because her things would turn back to normal. Accidentally leaving one of her glass slippers, the Prince is now determined to find the beautiful lady who wore it. The Prince finds Cinderella and the two live happily ever after.