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A wayward girl gives up her baby for adoption. She turns her life around and becomes a juvenile court judge. Years later, who should come up before her for misdeeds but her long-lost daughter. The Hound cannot improve on a contemporary critic who renamed this "Delinquent Producers."

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Available on Running time 62 minutes.

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Tearjerkers, Order in the Court, A River Runs Through the Plot
Doris Weston, Maurice Murphy, Helen MacKellar, Terry Walker, Richard Tucker, Morgan Wallace
Nick Grinde
Times Film Corporation

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Delinquent Parents
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

Delinquent Parents released in 1938 with a running time of 62 minutes. Doris Weston (as Carol Wharton Caldwell) and Maurice Murphy (Bruce Jefferson) star in Delinquent Parents. The movie is about a young woman who gives up her baby girl for adoption. Years later the young woman becomes a juvenile court judge. A few years later, her daughter, whom she gave up for adoption, now has to go to court. Guess who is her judge? You guessed it, her long lost mother.