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A rancher battles desert elements and hostile Indians in a desperate bid for survival.

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Available on Running time 90 minutes.

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DeWitt Lee, Joshua Hoffman, Val Chapman, Richard Montgomery, David Terril
DeWitt Lee
DeWitt Lee, Verland T. Whipple

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The Legend of Jedediah Carver
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ernest d stoltzfus

I actually worked with Josh Hoffman shortly after he did this movie in a restaurant/hotel resort complex in Lancaster, Pa, his home town when his mother became ill. He was one of, I think, 12 or 13 children an we felt a certain simpatico as I was the youngest of 16. He had elected to come home to help take care of his family as I recall.

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Francie Kristen Schmid

I was the script supervisor for this movie. Loved working for Dewitt and his bother Jack behind the camera. My name appeared at the end of the movie as Sanders. long Time ago. Wow, makes me wonder what ever happened to all the actors, Dewitt and his brother. I loved them all, Great people to work with.