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A 12-year-old girl must make an important decision when she is invited to a party in which she knows drugs and alcohol will be present.

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Adolescence, Drugs, Alcoholic Beverages

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Don't Say Yes When You Really Mean No!
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My sister & I would walk to the public library when we were young and would rent this video all the time! And we still sing the songs. LOL

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Louie Stevens

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Louie Stevens

Roger H: Thanks for spending time writing about my video I created in 1989: "Don't Say Yes When You Really Mean No!" I am the guy who wrote all the music and lyrics, wrote the script, directed and edited the video. You are mostly right about the video -- however, I'd like to add one comment: it's really about there is no "rights" or "wrongs" in life -- only choices, and if you don't make your own choices -- guess what? You just did! You chose to have someone else choose for you. And the teen years are wrought with this dilemma - you want to be an individual, just you want to "fit in" and be accepted. Lots of opportunity here to allow others to choose for you. Happy that those irritating yet catchy numbers have "stuck" with you for the last 20 years. And if you want to irritate others with my music -- go to and you can download all 11 songs to your iPod or iPhone or whatever you like. And a fellow affected-by-the-video person has uploaded the entire 58 minute original video on youtube. (I since cut it down to 30 minutes in 2000, added some graphics and animations, and took out the "Twin-Peaks-Grade-Weirdness". Take care and be well.

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Roger Hucek

Within the past few years public service and educational videos from the 1950s and 60s have found new audiences and even critical attention, but not so with public service videos of the 1980s. They remain largely uncharted territory. "Don't Say Yes When You Really Mean No!" is unique in that its message is so appallingly, brain-explodingly simple. The film is not anti-drug, per say-- even though former first lady Nancy Reagan was associated with the project. It's not exactly anti-peer pressure, either. What it is about is the dangers of saying "Yes" when one meant to say "No." It's about being clear: if you don't want to do something, then please for christsakes DON'T DO IT. Think about that limited, limited concept. Ponder deeply. Take your time. Occupy the full powers of your mind with that concentrated zen nugget of dumbness. Now throw in irritating and yet catchy musical numbers, a low budget, ugly adolescents, '80s fashions, and a hefty dose of nearly Twin-Peaks-grade weirdness and you have "Don't Say Yes When You Really Mean No!" It's totally awesomely poopy.