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The final chapter in a series starring Lee as the wicked doctor. This time, Lee has developed a gadget which will put the earth into a deep freeze, and at his mercy. To fine tune this contraption, he enlists the help of a gifted scientist by abducting him. However, the helper/hostage has a bad ticker, so Lee must abduct a heart surgeon to save his life, and thus, the freezer project. Most critics felt this was the weakest installment in the series.

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Available on Running time 92 minutes. Originally from German, Spanish, Italian, British.

Cast and Crew

Sci Fi, Books to Film: Sax Rohmer, Fu Manchu
Harry Alan Towers
Christopher Lee, Richard Greene, Howard Marion-Crawford, Tsai Chin, Gunther Stoll, Rosalba Neri, Maria Perschy, Werner Abrolat, Jose Martin
Manuel Merino
Jess (Jesus) Franco
Gert Wilden
International Cinemedia Center Ltd.

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