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Two New Yorkers travel to the Deep South to visit a friend who, it turns out, is the latest victim in a series of really gross voodoo murders. A beautiful girl is written into the plot, and the New York guys have an excuse to stay in voodooville, even though bimbolina's southern accent comes and goes for no discernable reason. Filmed near Charleston, South Carolina, and co-written by Russo of "Night of the Living Dead" fame.

Available on Running time 83 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Voodoo, Yuppie Nightmares, American South, Zombies
John A. Russo, Jeffrey Delman
Raymond St. Jacques, Theresa Merritt, Gina Gershon, Kirk Baily, Billy "Sly" Williams, J. Grant Albrecht, Tony Todd
Steven Fierberg
Steven Mackler

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