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A flimsy plot about a window-cleaner who discovers a magical surfing wax serves as a framework for lots and lots of scenes of surfin' dudes.

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Available on Running time 45 minutes.

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Richard Cram, Marvin Foster, Aaron Napolean, Tom Carroll, Bryce Andrews, Ross Clarke-Jones
Michael Hohensee

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Mad Wax: The Surf Movie
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She walks away in the end, because she got transplanted to Hawaii and bailed on Elko. So that's the thing...she was never in it for the surfers, she was in it, to get somewhere, and once the wax transplanted her there, she said, SEE-YA!

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Trent Morgan

Could someone please tell me what the ending was about? In the VHS I picked up at an op shop, it ends with Elkerton's girl walking up a road with a bag, then, that's it! Please explain! I saw it once when it came out and didn't watch it again - it seemed very corny but as a look back film, (viewing it 20 years later) it has value - takes the viewer slap bang into the middle of eighties surfing. Tom Carroll's haircut is extremely 80's - almost 80's musician like. Good for a laugh.