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Another retelling of the life of the legendary serial killer. Caine is the Scotland Yard inspector who tracks down the murderer. Ending is based on recent evidence found by director/co-writer Wickes. Extremely well done TV film.

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Available on Running time 200 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Jack the Ripper, Serial Killers
David Wickes
Michael Caine, Armand Assante, Ray McNally, Susan George, Jane Seymour, Lewis Collins, Ken Bones
David Wickes

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Jack the Ripper
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

Fantastic thriller, with rich colour photography, wonderfully atmospheric sets of late 19th century London and beautiful period costumes, with a great score ranging from grand "period" theme to thrillingly "moody" music, and so thick Gothic atmosphere it could be cut with the killer´s knife. Actually, it is atmosphere and not violence which this version concentrates. True, Jack´s supposed identity is nothing but a libel - hey, poor guy is dead and can´t speak against the Ripper accusations! - and the film´s Psycho-logy is crap, forgetting the fact that most of sick filth known as serial killers - including Ripper - are not mentally ill inspired by psychosis, just sexual perverts. Still, despite these rare touches of Whitechapel sewers, this is a great film (originally miniseries).