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Somewhat heavy-handed animated musical (Reynolds sings) about a gangster dog who is killed by his partner in business. On the way to Heaven, he discovers how to get back to Earth to seek his revenge. When he returns to Earth, he is taken in by a little girl and learns about something he missed in life the first time around: Love. Expertly animated, but the plot may not keep the grown-ups engrossed, and the kids may notice its lack of charm.

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Available on Running time 85 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Animated Musicals, Gangs, Revenge, King of Beasts (Dogs), Heaven Sent, Hell, Tearjerkers
Don Bluth, David N. Weiss
Don Bluth
Ralph Burns
Burt Reynolds, Judith Barsi, Dom DeLuise, Vic Tayback, Charles Nelson Reilly, Melba Moore, Candy Devine, Loni Anderson
MGM Home Entertainment, United Artists

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All Dogs Go to Heaven
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

This is a really good kids movie about a german shepherd named Charlie (voice by Burt Reynolds)that is in a gang and owns a casino and gets killed by a revial business partner Carface (voice of Vic Tayback). Once he dies, he goes up to Heaven but Charlie wants to return to Earth for revenge on Carface. The angels tell him if he returns he can never come back. So Charlie goes back to Earth and teams back up with his business partner Itchy to get his revenge. Charlie discovers that Carface has kid-napped a little girl named Anna-Marie who can talk to animals so he acts like he is her friend to get inside information. What Charlie doesn't expect is that the two become best friends. Charlie discovers one thing that he has never discovered before and that is "love". Charlie has to prove himself worthy to get back into Heaven as well. But Anna-Marie teaches him good things and morals so it's hard for Charlie because he isn't used to being good. This excellent show teaches you a lot about kindness and friendship and is a great show for kids.