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When he discovers his girlfriend has been unfaithful, a guy goes berserk and eventually finds himself in a stand-off with the police. Violent.

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Available on Running time 109 minutes.

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Crimes of Passion
Oliver Reed, Susan George, Raymond Burr, John Ireland, Stephen McHattie, Donald Pleasence
Peter Collinson
J. Arthur Rank, Montreal Trust

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Tomorrow Never Comes
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

Janie (Susan George) has a new job working at a hotel and she starts dating the owner. Her boyfriend Frank (Stephen McHattie) comes back from a business trip where he was gone for a couple of months to earn extra money so he could marry Janie. When he gets home he discovers that his girlfriend has been cheating and he goes crazy. He takes Janie hostage at the hotel and she is scared for her life. The police show up and are trying to talk Frank into letting Janie go. Frank doesn't want to let her go and is threatening to kill her. This 1978 film is a good movie, however, there is some violence.