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Sad saga of a Scottish family of eight who braved frontier hardships, epidemics, and death in the Wisconsin wilderness more than a century ago. Midway through, mom and dad die, leaving the oldest child struggling to keep the family together. A strange, though often effective, combination of pioneer adventures and tearjerking moments that avoids becoming hopelessly soapy due to fine performances. Unless you're pretty weathered, you'll need some hankies. Based on the reminiscences of Dale and Katherine Eunson as detailed in a "Cosmopolitan" magazine article.

Available on Running time 102 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Tearjerkers, Homeless, Wilderness, Adapted from an Article, Family Ties, Adoption & Orphans, True Stories, Wisconsin
Glynis Johns, Cameron Mitchell, Rex Thompson, Patty McCormack, Ernest Truex, Hope Emerson, Alan Hale, Royal Dano, Reta Shaw, Rita Johnson, Ellen Corby, Jon(athan) Provost
Allen Reisner
Max Steiner

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All Mine to Give
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

The movie All mine to Give released in the year 1956, with a run time of 102 minutes. All Mine to Give is based off of real facts. The movie is about a Scottish family that moves from Scotland to Wisconsin in the 1850’s. It wasn’t an easy move, but they worked hard and did their best to become citizens and be welcomed into their new town. The husband and wife have six children. Tragically, their mother and father die not to long after the move. Now it’s up to the oldest child to take on adult responsibilities and keep the family together.