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Story of the Marines who risked their lives defending an outpost against overwhelming odds during the 1968 Tet offensive in Vietnam. Purportedly patriotic war drama made by an Australian director; lead Hauser is a disgusting sadist, and plot is hopelessly hackneyed.

Available on Running time 95 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Adventure Drama, Vietnam War, Big Battles, Military: Marines
Tony Johnston, William Nagle
Wings Hauser, R. Lee Ermey, Mark Neely, Gary Hershberger, Clyde Jones, Margi Gerard, Richard Kuhlman, David Anderson, Robert Arevalo, John Calvin, Albert "Poppy" Popwell
Joe Batac
Brian Trenchard-Smith
Paul Schutze
Fries Entertainment

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The Siege of Firebase Gloria
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 3.0 4.0
john a donahoo

whoever wrote that crap at the top either has oatmeal for brains, knows nothing of war or was one of those 60's pukes who protested the war and blaimed the troops. wings hauser isn't a sadist. he is a survivalist who has seen and done too much. and will fight to the death before giving up. sadists? put a man in front of me who has info that will save my life and those of my comrades and I will have that info in 45 min. It won't be pretty but I and my friends will at least survive. Of course my methods that were taught to me aren't the warm and fuzzy techniques that are being utilized against al-qaida who have been trying to kill my son this movie is excellent because it truley depicts the "horror" of war.